"Untitled ('Why do I always get the warped one?')" 2018
"Untitled (Jail Jail Sport Sport)" 2018
"Untitled (Le Self Care)" 2018
"Untitled ('Tornado on Fire inside of a Tornado')" 2018
"Untitled ('Is this Heaven or Canada?')" 2018
"Untitled ('Upper Middle Class')" 2018
"Sans Titre (My Mom Sells Her Mom Klonopin)" 2017
"Untitled (Jack's One Dollar)" 2017
"Untitled (I would float away if they weren't thirty pounds)" 2018
"Sans Titre (I See The Want To In Your Eyes)" 2017
"Signs Of A Struggle 1" 2017
"Sans Titre (Rooftop At The Standard)" 2017
"Untitled (Air Force Fun)" 2018
"Sans Titre (Just Add H20)" 2017
"Signs of A Struggle 2" 2017
"The Strong Arm" 2017
"Michael Jordan Fugazi" (2017)
"Untitled" (2017)
"Untitled (Fool your Friends, Loads of Fun)" 2017
"Sans Titre (Loud Southerner)" 2017
"You're Big Hall of Fame" (2017)
"Sans Titre (Bisous)" 2017
"Sans Titre (Church Funtime Toy Drive)" 2017
"Codie" (2017)
"First Round Draft Pick" (2017)
"Vanitas and The Science of Low Self-Esteem"  (2017)
Divinity For Less (2017)
"Auxiliary Homie (Celine ft. Pierre)" 2017
"Indy 500 (Brought to You By Nudity and Feelings of Mutual Disappointment)"
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